Keynote Speaker Day 1
Craig Wright : RBC
Keynote Speaker Day 2
Michael Timms
Topic: "what really motivates"
  1. Bruce Baker and Mitch Cammidge : HRAllin
    Topic: Company Culture
  2. Ted Yoo: Bennett Jones LLB
    Topic: Importance of protecting intellectual property
  3. Josh Ramsbottom: Business Development Bank of Canada
    Topic: Operation Efficiency
  4. Shelly Bischoff: Ptolemy & Associates
    Topic: Aligning Wellness in the Workplace
  5. Amber Ruddy: Canadian Federation of Independent Business
    Topic: 5 Things Nobody Tells Entrepreneurs
  6. Jeremy Hayward and Jaycen Kuehn: SNS Technologist
    Topic: The Internet of Things
  7. Chad Thomas and Ted Halabi: SOS Media Corp
    Topic: Connecting to Your Customers in today窶冱 Digital Landscape
  8. Margo Long: Incite Marketing
    Topic: The Changing Approach to Sales and Marketing
  9. Cheryl Turner: Morin Turner & Associates Inc.
    Topic: Building a Blueprint for Success as a Small Business Owner
  10. Jonathan Douville: Walter Surface Technologies
    Topic: The Internet of Things and Cutting Edge Technology
  11. Dr. Sheng- Hui Wang: NRC
    Topic: Weld Cladding for Mining and Mineral Processing Applications: A Canadian Perspective
  12. Emanuel Santos: University of Waterloo, Centre for Advanced Materials Joining (CAMJ)
    Topic: Influence of Pulse Profile on Droplet Transfer Dynamics in Pulsed GMW
  13. Zoltan Tanacs: National Steel Car
    Topic: Heat Input and Arc Energy 窶 why distinction is important
  14. Timotius Pasang: Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Auckland University of Technology
    Topic: Dissimilar Welding of Cu- Steel
  15. Alex Palynchuk: CEO of Western Instruments
    Topic: Weld Defects: Magnetism in Pipe and its Effects on Welding
  16. Iulian Radu: PCL Industrial Constructors Inc.
    Topic: The use of Tabular Welding Consumables in Pressure Piping for Oil, Gas and Power Generation Industries
  17. Robert Tollett: Liburdi Turbine
    Topic: Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace
  18. John Leder : Supreme Steel
    Topic: Supreme Steel Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  19. Jim Kaverna : Waiward Steel
    Topic: Managing and Improving Competence
  20. Douglas Hamre: Apollo Machine
    Topic: Laser Cladding
  21. Kevin Bagheri: University of Ottawa
    Topic: Effect of Post Weld Stress Relieving on Intergranular Corrosion Resistance on Austenitic Stainless Steels
  22. Christian Lefebvre: AGT Robotics
    Topic: Robotic Welding, How to Adapt to Real Life Conditions
  23. Kurtis Bell: University of Alberta
    Topic: Determination of the Effect of Laser Cladding on the Fatigue Performance of Alloy Steel
  24. Matthew Dewar: Canadian Centre for Welding 窶笛oining
    Topic: 3D Reconstruction Techniques for Microstructural Analysis of CCO Overlays and Friction Stir Welds
  25. Patricio F Mendez: Canadian Centre for Welding 窶 Joining
    Topic: Recent Developments in Welding Research as the CCWJ
  26. Jim Gilbank: Linde Canada Limited
    Topic: You Can窶冲 Afford to Weld like that Anymore?
  27. Samantha Sandell and Alan Wong: Monster.ca
    Topic: Your World, Your Influence: Recruitment Trends, Technology & Candidate Experience
  28. Kimberley Meszaros: CASTI
    Topic: Connecting the Codes from Temper Bead Welding to Industry Codes and Standards
  29. Matthew Yarmuch: MattCo Engineering Solutions Inc.
    Topics: The Evolution of Training and Certification of Welders in Alberta
  30. Narin Barnes: University of Alberta
    Topic: Effect of Cooling Rate on the Primary Carbide Size and Distribution in Chromium Carbide Weld Overlays
  31. Gentry Woods: University of Alberta
    Topic: A New Model for Predicting Bead Geometry in Coaxial Laser Cladding
  32. Christopher Giovanni: University of Alberta
    Topic: Cracking in Hot-dip Galvanized Welded Joints in Steel Platform Structures
  33. Charles Patrick: Maverick Testing Laboratories, Inc.
    Topic: Field Metallographic Replication to Analyze Microstructure In-Situ of P91 Weldments and Associated Piping
  34. Rangasayee Kannan: University of Alberta
    Topic: Microstructural Characterization and transformation Mechanism of Inverse Bainite
  35. Mitchell Grams: University of Alberta
    Topic: Effect of Misalignment on Hydrogen Cracking of Pipline Welds
  36. Yiyu Wang (Jason): University of Alberta
    Topic: Formation of Soft Microstructure in Intercritical Heat-Affected Zone of As-Welded Grade 91 Pipe Steel Weldments
  37. Vivek Gupta: University of Alberta
    Topic: Effect of Welding Fluxes on Metal Transfer in SAW
  38. Yi Lu (Louie) : University of Alberta
    Topic: Scaling Analysis of Maximum Temperature under a Moving Gaussian Heat Source
  39. Mahyar Asadi: Applus RTD
    Topic: Exploring a Complex Weld Design Space Using a Large Number of Computational Weld Mechanics Analysis, Time Effective
  40. Tonya Wolfe and Gary Fisher: Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures
    Topic: Challenges adopting additive manufacturing processes into mining and energy applications
  41. Fred Yee窶 Founder and CEO of ActiveConversion
    Topic: The World has Changed: Adapting to the Modern Industrial Sales Cycle