CanWeld Conference 2024 will be held in conjunction with Fabtech Canada in Toronto, ON. Join us from June 12 to 13 at the Toronto Congress Centre. The CWB Association, CWB Welding Foundation, and the CWB Group are pleased to invite everyone to this exciting event. To view our one-page schedule, click HERE. UPDATED! Our event Program is available HERE.

Attendee Fees

  • Non-CWBA Member $249
  • CWBA Member $199
  • Students $49
  • Spouses $49

Please note that entry to the FABTECH trade show is included with every conference registration. A spouse fee can be added with a non-member or member conference registration.

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Event Location

Toronto Congress Centre
650 Dixon Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1J1

Who Should Attend the CanWeld Conference?

Delegates from across Canada and the U.S. will attend. We’re opening an open call for engineers, technologists, technicians, welders, supervisors, and managers! Attend and find out how the CWB Group is looking to help YOU progress in the industry and arm you with the necessary tools and resources to succeed. This year’s conference aims to educate attendees on the latest welding technologies and current issues affecting the welding industry. With numerous opportunities to hear from industry leaders and have your voice heard, the CanWeld Conference is a one-stop shop for all things welding.


Bringing the welding, fabricating and finishing industries together!


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Event Information

To view the current schedule, click HERE.
Please note- Conference start and end times are subject to change slightly.

Conference Dates & Time:
Wednesday, June 12th
7:30 am – 4:00 pm
Thursday, June 13th
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Networking Events:
June 11th- Attendee Reception
Delta Hotel (655 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON)- Terrace Room
6-8 pm

June 11th- VIP Party sponsored by Canada Welding Supply
Rainhard Brewing Co, (100 Symes Rd, Unit 108 Toronto, ON)
8-12 pm

June 12th- Awards Dinner
Delta Hotel (655 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON)- International Room AB
6-10 pm


Here are the outstanding speakers who will be presenting during CanWELD 2024

  • Shima   Akbarian
    Shima Akbarian

  • J. Eduardo Alvarez Rocha
    J. Eduardo Alvarez Rocha

  • Mahyar Asadi
    Mahyar Asadi

  • Kevin  Bagheri
    Kevin Bagheri

  • Nairn  Barnes
    Nairn Barnes

  • Sam  Barrett
    Sam Barrett

  • Duncan  Beaumont
    Duncan Beaumont

  • André  Boulianne
    André Boulianne

  • Ryan  Boyd
    Ryan Boyd

  • Jim Brown
    Jim Brown

  • Daniele   Calista
    Daniele Calista

  • Paul    Cheng
    Paul Cheng

  • Hellen   Christodoulou
    Hellen Christodoulou

  • Jen Coulson
    Jen Coulson

  • Mark  Fernandes
    Mark Fernandes

  • Jay  Flowers
    Jay Flowers

  • Scott  Fong
    Scott Fong

  • Adrian P.  Gerlich
    Adrian P. Gerlich

  • George  Gritziotis
    George Gritziotis

  • Hasan   Habib
    Hasan Habib

  • Ebrahim  Harati
    Ebrahim Harati

  • Will  Healy II
    Will Healy II

  • Ashiqur  Khan
    Ashiqur Khan

  • Zahra   Khodamoradi
    Zahra Khodamoradi

  • Nitheesh  Kumar Ramasamy
    Nitheesh Kumar Ramasamy

  • Joyce  Lam
    Joyce Lam

  • Marissa McMurray
    Marissa McMurray

  • Patricio  Mendez
    Patricio Mendez

  • Ernst Miklos
    Ernst Miklos

  • Carly  Myers
    Carly Myers

  • Tam  Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen

  • Tetsuya   Oyamada
    Tetsuya Oyamada

  • Nathaniel   Roberts
    Nathaniel Roberts

  • Cedrik Rochon
    Cedrik Rochon

  • Hassan Saghafifar
    Hassan Saghafifar

  • Sofia    Salazar
    Sofia Salazar

  • Rebecca Sanguigni
    Rebecca Sanguigni

  • Shadab   Sarmast-Ghahfarokhi
    Shadab Sarmast-Ghahfarokhi

  • Daniela Todaro
    Daniela Todaro

  • Haitao Wang
    Haitao Wang

  • Jason  Wooley
    Jason Wooley

  • Jihui  Yan
    Jihui Yan

  • Kaiping   Zhang
    Kaiping Zhang


CanWeld24- Event Opening7:30 am

Room: Sutherland 3-5

Voltage and Heat Input in Arc Welding8:15 am

Presenter: Patricio Mendez

Room: Sutherland 3-5

The Importance of Taking Field Repair Seriously: Vibrating Screen Cloth Failure Analysis 9:00 am

Presenter: Nairn Barnes

Room: Sutherland 1

Highly Productive Laser Welding of Battery Trays, Fuel Cells, Hair Pins, Cap-Can and Battery Contacts9:00 am

Presenter: Jason Wooley

Room: Sutherland 2

Welding Automation in Fabrication of Navy Combat Ship Gas Turbine Exhaust System9:30 am

Presenter: Kevin Bagheri

Room: Sutherland 1

Digital Solutions for the Shop Floor9:30 am

Presenter: Nathaniel Roberts

Room: Sutherland 2

Welding Steel Before and After Galvanizing (Best Practices & Recommendations)10:00 am

Room: Sutherland 1

Considerations for the successful execution of High-Temperature Local Heat Treatment10:00 am

Presenter: Scott Fong

Room: Sutherland 2

Organized Construction Sector Strategic Workforce Planning System (Skilled Trade Demand/Supply Forecasting Program)10:45 am

Presenter: George Gritziotis

Room: Sutherland 1

An Introduction to the Modern Collaborative Welding Tool: Elevate Your Technology Strategy & Upgrade Your Workforce in Fabrication with Cobots10:45 am

Presenter: Will Healy II

Room: Sutherland 1

CSA Structural Design and Welding Requirements11:15 am

Presenter: Mark Fernandes

Room: Sutherland 1

GMAW of Inconel 686 on Stainless Steel: Welding Parameter Effects on Residual Stress and Distortion11:15 am

Presenter: Zahra Khodamoradi

Room: Sutherland 2

The Hydrogen Economy vs. Standards & Regulations – A Practical Perspective1:00 pm

Presenter: Joyce Lam

Room: Sutherland 1

Laser Microwelding of NiTi and PtIr Alloy Wires1:00 pm

Presenter: Tetsuya Oyamada

Room: Sutherland 2

How can Process Monitoring and Quality Assurance for Laser Joining be Improved? 1:30 pm

Presenter: Jay Flowers

Room: Sutherland 1

Introduction to Seaspan Welding Centre of Excellence1:30 pm

Presenter: Hassan Saghafifar

Room: Sutherland 2

Laser Beam Welding Procedure Qualification2:00 pm

Presenter: Ashiqur Khan

Room: Sutherland 1

On the Control of Intermetallic Formation in NiTi-Stainless Steel Welding 2:00 pm

Presenter: Kaiping Zhang

Room: Sutherland 2

Efficient welding of high strength steels in regard with static and fatigue strength2:45 pm

Presenter: Ebrahim Harati

Room: Sutherland 1

A Novel Approach to Solving the ERW Weld Zone2:45 pm

Presenter: Daniele Calista

Room: Sutherland 2

CWB Electrodes Certification – Extent of Qualification3:15 pm

Presenter: André Boulianne

Room: Sutherland 2

A Roadmap to Implementing Robotic or Automated Material Removal in Metalworking Operations3:15 pm

Presenters: Ryan Boyd, Cedrik Rochon

Room: Sutherland 2

Recent Developments in Welding of Transportation and Energy Materials8:15 am

Presenter: Adrian P. Gerlich

Room: Sutherland 3-5

It’s a Small World: Building Relationships and Exceptional Project Experiences 9:00 am

Presenter: Sam Barrett

Room: FABTECH Main-stage

New Approaches to Control GMAW Welding Fumes: Research Results, Regulatory Foresight, Business Sustainability.10:00 am

Presenter: Ernst Miklos

Room: Sutherland 1

Deep Learning to Characterize the Morphology of the Arc and Metal Transfer in GMAW10:00 am

Room: Sutherland 2

Welding Productivity Improvements - Starsolver™ Program10:30 am

Presenter: Haitao Wang

Room: Sutherland 1

Determination of Bead Dimensions and Catchment Efficiency in Laser Cladding10:30 am

Room: Sutherland 2

The Business of Welding: Navigating Trends and Challenges11:45 am

Presenter: Jim Brown

Room: Sutherland 3-5

Women's Panel- How Associations and Employers Can Empower Women to Create New Workplace Cultures12:30 pm

FABTECH Main-stage

Vision-Based Adaptive Welding Solutions for the Top Three Challenges in Welding Fabrication1:30 pm

Presenter: Mahyar Asadi

Room: Sutherland 1

Mathematical Model of Friction Stir Welding: Scaling Analysis of Heat Transfer and Plastic Deformation Phenomena1:30 pm

Presenter: Sofia Salazar

Room: Sutherland 2

Incorporating VR Technology Into Training Future Welders2:00 pm

Presenter: Carly Myers

Room: Sutherland 1

Integrating 3G Advanced High Strength Steel into Automotive Production – Development of High-Quality Joints with High Stacking Ratio2:00 pm

Presenter: Hasan Habib

Room: Sutherland 2

Unlocking Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)’s Potentials at Conestoga College2:30 pm

Presenter: Tam Nguyen

Room: Sutherland 1

Revolutionary intermetallic compounds formation during Laser Braze Welding of Zinc-coated Automotive Steels2:30 pm

Presenter: Shima Akbarian

Room: Sutherland 2

Revolutionizing Welding Excellence: Automated Technologies and Intelligent Fume Extraction Systems3:00 pm

Presenter: Duncan Beaumont

Room: Sutherland 1

Advancements in Gas Metal Arc Brazing Technology for High-Strength Steel to Aluminum Joints for Automotive Applications3:00 pm

Room: Sutherland 2

Joining Nuclear Fuel Rod to End Cap w/ no Flaw Repeatable3:30 pm

Presenter: Paul Cheng

Room: Sutherland 1

Fabrication of High Entropy Alloy Coating Using Electrospark Powder Deposition3:30 pm

Presenter: Jihui Yan

Room: Sutherland 2

CanWeld24- Closing Statements4:00 pm

Room: Sutherland 3-5

All session times are listed in EST. The proposed schedule may be altered and is subject to change.

We will offer two streams each event day to give attendees more topic options.

Click HERE for the event program.

Topics that you can look forward to include:

  • Welding fabrication
  • Business of welding
  • Welding inspection
  • Industry success
  • Educating the industry on advancements in welding technologies and processes

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