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DAY 1: Wednesday, October 13th, 10:45 am - 4:00 pm EST
DAY 2: Thursday, October 14th, 11:45 am - 3:45 pm EST

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CanWeld 2021: Bringing the welding, fabricating and finishing industry together in a virtual platform

About the Conference

CanWeld will bring together people from an extensive range of industry contributors such as educators, decision-makers, influencers, suppliers and consultants. It will be a great opportunity to discuss issues around current trends and advances, welding and joining, health and safety, and so much more.

Delegates attending the conference will be drawn from a wide range of industries including mining, oil and gas, pipelines, power generation, petrochemical, fabrication and construction, manufacturing, steel and shipbuilding, pulp and paper and others.

Key Target professions: welders, welding supervisors, engineers, technologists, owners etc.








Who Should Attend?

Delegates will attend from across Canada and the U.S. We’re putting out an open call for engineers, technologists, technicians, welders, supervisors, and managers! Attend and find out all the ways that the CWB Group is looking to help YOU progress in the industry and arm you with the necessary tools and resources to succeed. The goal for this year’s conference is to educate attendees on the latest welding technologies, and current issues affecting the welding industry. With numerous opportunities to hear from industry leaders and also have your voice heard, the CanWeld Conference is a one-stop shop for all things welding.

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Here are the outstanding speakers who will be presenting during CanWELD 2021

  • Mahyar  Asadi
    Mahyar Asadi

  • Kevin    Chan
    Kevin Chan

  • Hellen  Christodoulou
    Hellen Christodoulou

  • Susan  Crowley
    Susan Crowley

  • Jim   Galloway
    Jim Galloway

  • Adrian Gerlich
    Adrian Gerlich

  • Tim Hurley & Kyle Smith
    Tim Hurley & Kyle Smith

  • Joyce Lam
    Joyce Lam

  • David   Millar
    David Millar

  • Ken Mui
    Ken Mui

  • Jeffrey Noruk
    Jeffrey Noruk

  • Dongmei  Sun
    Dongmei Sun

  • Gentry Wood
    Gentry Wood

  • Cristian  Zanfir
    Cristian Zanfir


Max Ceron- CWB Association10:45 am

Day 1 Kick-Off

Hellen Christodoulou- CISC11:00 am

Why is Certification Essential? How to Reduce Risk and Ensure a Successful Delivery for your Project?

Susan Crowley- CWB Welding Foundation 11:45 am

CWB Welding Foundation Update

David Millar- Gullco International12:45 pm

Automation in Shipbuilding – Riveting to Cobots

Mahyar Asadi- Applus Energy & Industry Division 12:45 pm

AI-Driven Simulation of Overlay Welding

Dongmei Sun- Liburdi1:45 pm

High Performance Field Overlay through Welding Automation

Jeffrey Noruk- ServoRobot1:45 pm

How to Move From Manual Vision Arc Weld Inspection to Robot Vision

Cristian Zanfir- CWB Group2:30 pm

W186 Update

Max Ceron- CWB Association3:15 pm

CWB Association Industry Awards & Day 1 Closing

Max Ceron- CWB Association11:45 am

Day 2 Kick-Off

Ken Mui- Lincoln Electric12:00 pm

Optimizing Arc Cone to Puddle Ratio With HyperFill Twin Wire Pulse GMAW Transfer

Kevin Chan- Huys Industries12:45 pm

Surface Post-Processing for Additive Manufactured Parts: Reducing Surface Roughness and Improving Fatigue Life with Electrospark Deposition

Gentry Wood- Apollo-Clad Laser Cladding12:45 pm

Measuring Spatial Distribution of the Powder Cloud in Laser Cladding Processes - An Engineering Approach to Industrial Quality Control

Jim Galloway- Conestoga College1:30 pm

Educating Welding & Robotics Technologists and Technicians

Joyce Lam- PCL Industrial Contractors 1:30 pm

Welding of High Yield Strength Low Alloy Grade 550 Type Material

Tim Hurley & Kyle Smith- Lincoln Electric 2:15 pm

Advancements In Aluminum Joining Solutions

Adrian Gerlich- University of Waterloo 2:15 pm

Feasibility Study of Cold Wire Gas Metal Arc Welding (CW-GMAW) of AA5052 H-32 Aluminum Butt Joints

Max Ceron- CWB Association3:00 pm

Prize Giveaways & Day 2 Closing

The posted DRAFT schedule/speakers may be subject to change.

On each event day, we will offer two streams during the middle of the day to provide attendees with more topic options.

Topics that you can look forward to include:

  • Welding fabrication
  • Business of welding
  • Welding inspection
  • Industry success
  • Educating industry on advancements in welding technologies and processes

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